Why outsourcing your linen requirements will be a weight off your shoulders

Why outsourcing your linen requirements will be a weight off your shoulders

Focus on your core business priorities: day to day management

Everything we do at Beyond Linens is done with you, the customer in mind. We appreciate how much time, energy and often worry, can go into keeping your business running smoothly.

And many of us have found more to worry about since the outbreak of COVID.

Hygiene issues remain at the forefront of both business and customers concerns. While you’re likely to see an increase in demand for the ‘staycation’ in the UK over the coming years, it’s wise to look at outsourcing your linens to ensure you excel in terms of cleanliness terms and guest approval & satisfaction ratings.

Our linen ‘Service Packs’ will mean you worry less & have more time.

Here are the key benefits you can expect to see when working with us:

Whether you’re the owner or manager of a hotel or self-catering premises, it’s easy to feel overloaded with the multitude of tasks associated with the day to day running of a such an operation.  Outsourcing your linen provision will give you more time to focus on improving the general services that add to your customer’s experience and give you more time to train and motivate your staff. Thus ensuring you provide nothing short of first-class customer service.

Ensure only the highest standards of linen provision

Every single piece of linen we deliver to your premises will be of the highest quality and hygienic standards, that means no negative reviews from your customers about ripped or stained bed linen or towels. It can be difficult to control linen quality if you work with multiple suppliers and can be even more difficult motivating and retaining in-house laundry staff, due to the monotonous nature of the role.  Our service packs provide you with peace of mind, you’ll only ever be giving your customers premium linens.

Reductions in your fixed cost: We buy, store, deliver and collect, launder, and we replace. The cost of holding and caring for your linens, sits entirely with us. With the rising costs of electricity, natural gas, water, and sewer services, it’s becoming pricier than ever to operate laundry machines and equipment in-house. And then there’s the additional expenses relating to staff and labour.  Over the time you work with us, you can expect to see a signification reduction in all costs associated with laundering, storing and maintaining your linens.

  • Space Saving: storage space is an issue for most of the venues we work with. We pick up after every event, 7 days a week, exactly when you need us too, keeping your storerooms empty of unwanted or unclaimed linens.
  • Keeping up with the demand of rising laundry volumes:  it’s becoming increasingly difficult for many hospitality venues to keep up with the rising laundry volumes. And regardless when COVID comes to an end, the hygiene message won’t be fading from our minds any time soon. Even if you don’t wish to permanently outsource your linen, it can be a lifesaver during key busy times of year. Or perhaps if you have specific events running like a wedding or a yoga retreat perhaps?
  • Accurate budgeting & streamlined business operations:
    Hospitality is typically a seasonal industry but given the current COVID situation, we know you are likely to be busier than ever over the coming 12 months – as many families chose to holiday in the UK. By outsourcing your linen needs to us and understanding exactly what you need and what you will be charged, it allows you to budget for the year ahead with 100% accuracy. This allows you to streamline your business operations and permit you more flexibility to remain agile and, efficient and top of your game.

If you want to get in touch for a quote just contact us here  www.beyondlinens.co.uk/contactus and we’ll reply ASAP.  Sit back, relax and let us take some of that weight from your shoulders.